Who We Are

We are a 100% Melanesian business.
Our team is fully licensed & highly trained.

Our Purpose

Listening to your concerns means we can tailor a solution around you and not the other way around. We will guide you in the best possible way to make sure your business will continue to thrive in Papua New Guinea.


"Founded on strong relationships and best industry practice we have developed fast & efficient ways of offering solutions that fit."

Our Belief

We believe all citizens & guests in Papua New Guinea deserve to feel safe. Our electronic security strategies are designed to transcend business efficiency and instil trust in the everyday person.




Electronic Security Solutions

Our services are drawn from a combined 40 year experience
of "electronic security systems" across Papua New Guinea.

  • Intruder Alarm

    Set up a motion detection perimeter around your property with motion/vibration sensors. Be notified instantly via SMS or App Notification whenever there is a breach.

  • Video Surveillance

    We believe that everyone's home and workplace should feel safe and secure. We will provide the best surveillance solutions to keep your property safe and secure.

  • Security Maintenace

    Founded on strong relationships and best industry practice we have developed fast and efficient ways of offering solutions that fit.

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Port Moresby has one of the highest car-jacking rates in Asia Pacific. With our superior GPS Tracking systems you will have instant access & data on your fleet.

  • Security Auditing

    Information obtained from each Successful Audit forms the backbone of the system design.

  • Security Analytics

    Security analytics is the process of using data collection, aggregation, and analysis tools for security monitoring and threat detection. Protect your business by being two steps ahead!

  • Mining Electronic Security

    Prevent unauthorised personal entering the mine site. Provide safety and wellbeing for person on site.

  • Dash Cam

    Carefully record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car. The dash cam is the strongest and most efficient proof you have for defending yourself, in case of car crash.

Everyone in PNG Deserves To feel Safe

At Brata Tech, we can work with both residential and commercial properties,
developing electronic security solutions for your individual needs.

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A New World Is Approaching

Brata Tech is fully up-to-date with current global events. We want to bring PNG Businesses up to speed with the latest security technologies.


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